Apartheid Museum Tour

Apartheid Museum – Racial Oppression – Guided Tour

Emotional visit through racial classification, segregation, detentions and racial oppression. Fully guided tour of Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum – Private – Professional – fully guided tours – 7 days a week.

The Apartheid Museum

Apartheid (Afrikaans word meaning Separateness)

System of racial segregation started by the British and enforced by the National Party Government in South Africa between 1948 and 1991

Ekala Eco Tours offer the Apartheid Museum as a fully guided tour – generally as part of a Johannesburg/Soweto Tour.

Our tours are private only (not mixed groups) – each tour uniquely designed for an individual experience.

Ekala’s Johannesburg (including Soweto) day tours are generally structured to spend time at the Apartheid Museum.


What Ekala does in such a brief tour is that we take you through the Apartheid Museum in about an hour to maximum 2 hours. But since you are accompanied by a guide – generally would cover more in this time than most tourists do in a day.


As such does not have you wasting your valuable time wondering around a museum. However – as the tour is private if you wish to allocate more time and go through it yourself – easy.


To be able to structure a tour around your requirements and time available – Ekala needs to be supplied with clear timing and collection and drop off address – hotel name. If one of the points is the airport – we need full flight details. Once we have these it will be possible to quote/advise and structure a day or multi day package around your requirements/timing.

Perfect tour options to include with the Apartheid Museum to create a full day/multi day historical/cultural tour:

Apartheid Museum of the finest 20th century museums in the world and busiest in Southern Africa.

The Apartheid Museum – Johannesburg’s leading tourist attraction.

A must for visitors and residents, young and old alike. The apartheid museum tells the story of racial discrimination and the struggle by the black majority to triumph over an unjust system. The visitor is taken on an emotional journey through racial classification, segregation, detentions and racial oppression.

The displays are incomplete and are therefore ongoing. The addition of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission takes a bit of time, but should not be missed.


Displays and personal stories will continually be updated, as is the case with the role of Helen Suzman during the years of apartheid.


The reopening of Ahmed Timol inquest, leading to the change from suicide to murder, and the likelihood of further such inquests taking place, are also still to be updated within the exhibition.


Ekala however deals in depth with these changes where the museum details have not been updated.

Private, Professional and Reliable tailor made Tours

Apartheid Museum History

Black citizens of South Africa lived as second class citizens for over half a century under the system of apartheid. Democratic elections of 1994 saw the election of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s first democratic elected president. Prior to the elections of 1994, no casinos were allowed in South Africa. Licenses for casinos were only granted in the so called “Bantustans”, such as Sun City. Post 1994, casino licenses were granted only if the focus was placed on attracting tourism and stimulating the local economy. Gold Reef City Casino undertook the responsibility to build and run a museum that focused on historical past of apartheid.

Apartheid Museum – focused on the historical past of apartheid in South Africa.

Thus the Apartheid Museum. Several leading architectural firms conceptualized the design with a multi-disciplinary team of curators, filmmakers, historians and museologists. The Apartheid Museum was opened in 2001 and has since been acknowledged as one of the finest 20th century museums in the world and is one of the busiest in Southern Africa.

Follow in Nelson Mandela footsteps:

Robben Island – you can visit his prison cell.

However – Johannesburg/Pretoria:

Nelson Mandela came to Johannesburg as a young man.

Became an activist in Johannesburg

Entire focus of his defiance campaign – Johannesburg.

Became a lawyer in Johannesburg.

Ran his law firm (and that of Oliver Tambo) in Johannesburg.

All time spent in prison before the Rivonia trail – in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Once released from prison – returned to Johannesburg.

Inaugurated as President in Pretoria.

While President – office in Pretoria.

While President – main residence in Pretoria.

After retiring (as president) still had an office – in Johannesburg.

Still today – his office – now the Nelson Mandela centre of memory - in Johannesburg.

Spent the last 23 years of his life in Johannesburg (apart from a limited amount of time in Qunu).

Hospital while ill – Pretoria.

Passed away in Johannesburg.

Thus if you wish to WALK  in the footsteps of the Great Man and to truly experience his life, it needs to be in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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