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Cultural Tours

Soweto Tour:

Closer look at local culture & local people of South Africa’s mixed heritage and modern day cultures.

Johannesburg Tour:

Experience the culture of the Rainbow Nation. Most culturally diverse city in South Africa.

Alexandra Tour:

Apartheid created “township” across the road from up market Sandton. More of an informal settlement than Soweto.

Pretoria Tour:

Voortrekker Monument is specifically important to the overall understanding of the Boer culture in South Africa in the 1800’s. Pretoria at that time was the Boer capital. Pretoria is today one of South Africa’s 3 capital cities. Afrikaans is today still very prominent in Pretoria. Thus culturally different to Johannesburg, although also culturally diverse.

The Lesedi Cultural Village.

A multi cultural village featuring tribal villages, ancestral traditions, history and culture, including the art, song and dance of five distinctly different cultural villages and covers cultural history and colourful origins of the rainbow nation – South Africa. This tour works perfectly to include with the Sterkfontein Cave and Maropeng for a full day tour.

Mapoch Ndebele Cultural Village

Village built originally by the Mapoch Ndebele after relocation to the area during the time of forced removals by the Apartheid Government. The Mapoch Ndebele cultural Village is acknowledged for its cultural interaction with guests.

The Ndebele Villages live in traditional manner and practice age old customs and culture. Multi-coloured Ndebele houses and structures colourfully painted and decorated in traditional geometric designs, for which the Ndebele are famous. Passed down from one Ndebele generation to another – mother to daughter, each mural unique. The Ndebele village is excellent for beadwork artifacts, made by the Ndebele.

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Our tours are non-invasive.

Cultural tours/township tours as Soweto/Alexandra:

We do NOT go into private houses.

Or invade the township resident's privacy in any way.

Ekala Family & Guides

Ekala Family & Guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s history, culture and wildlife.

With our vast experience and expertise, we will, above all, ensure you leave full of memories.

Ekala will additionally endeavor to personalise your tour according to individual time as well as requirements.

Furthermore Ekala personally conducts and organise all our tours and safaris as highly experience and professional guides.

Consequently you get an enhanced understanding of South Africa’s wildlife, history and diverse cultures.


No prices on our website due to the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each tour we supply.

Ekala structure our tours/safari's around our client’s individual requirements.

If time is limited:

We indeed structure the tour from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Accordingly using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

In contrast, not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

As a result, tour quote based on your specific requirements.

Our tours are non-invasive.

Cultural tours/township tours as Soweto/Alexandra:

We do NOT go into private houses.

Or invade the township resident's privacy in any way.

Enjoying and respecting South Africa’s national assets - wildlife, environment and the people.

An Eco Tour and Safari to remember for the right reason