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Early images, Cullinan diamond mine

Historical Tours

Soweto Tour:

An international recognisable name, synonymous with apartheid and the racial system that created it. A product of segregationist planning. Home to two Nobel Prize Winners and a central part of Black South Africa’s fight against Apartheid. Best to include Soweto as part of a full Johannesburg tour – thus getting a full understanding of the city as a whole – not only a part of.

Johannesburg Tour:

Covering Johannesburg’s economic growth from a tent town to the powerhouse of South Africa. Visit the city built on the profits of gold including downtown Johannesburg and historical areas. For a day tour – best to have a tour covering the greater Johannesburg, including Soweto, Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill.

The Apartheid Museum.

Johannesburg’s leading tourist attraction and a must for visitors, young and old. Museum tells a story of racial discrimination and the struggle by the black majority to triumph over Apartheid.

In very limited time tour – we take you through the Apartheid Museum in about an hour to 1.5 hours. But since you are accompanied by a highly experienced guide would cover more in this time than most tourists do in a day.

The Struggle against Apartheid:

Journey to freedom – walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela through greater Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria. From the Cape colony development and colonization, early racial Segregation and Johannesburg’s labour hungry mines. Covering South Africa’s journey through racial prejudice and segregation to freedom and the first democratic election with the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South Africa first democratically elected President and the transition to a new democratic South Africa.

Gandhi’s Johannesburg

Gandhi in Johannesburg – Birthplace of Satyagraha. Tour covering the people, the policy (Satyagraha) and the places of importance to Mahatma Gandhi in and around Johannesburg. Story of the life of Mahatma Gandhi (in Johannesburg), a lawyer, religious man, a philosopher, an activist and world-renowned pacifist leader for free society. Mahatma Gandhi’s political baptism was in Johannesburg.

The Liliesleaf Tour.

In the early 1960’s, Liliesleaf Farm, situated in rural Rivonia, North of Johannesburg, provided the perfect “safe house” for members of the anti Apartheid liberation struggle. July 1963, the South African apartheid security police raided the Liliesleaf farm. Leading to the “Rivonia Trial” that resulted in Nelson Mandela and his fellow liberation struggle members being sentenced to life imprisonment. Ekala supplies a fully guided tour of the entire facility.

Pretoria Tour:

Pretoria is one of South Africa’s 3 capital cities. Historic city centre with Church Square and the statue of Paul Kruger surrounded by buildings of significant historical value. Tour focuses on the historical city centre – including (dependant on time available and other inclusions) Church Square, Union Buildings, Melrose House Museum, Kruger House Museum. Voortrekker Monument is specifically important to the overall understanding of Pretoria and South Africa – always included in a day tour of Pretoria – generally a highlight.

Cullinan Diamond Mine.

With an open pit four times the size of the famous Kimberly hole. Surface tour – underground tour – historical tour – or combination of these as can be covered in the time allocated. Best is the underground tour, this combined with a short surface and historical tour. If going underground is not for you, then the surface motorised tour is the best. However our tours are structured around your requirements and available time – including as suitable to your group.

Cradle of Humankind:

A World Heritage Site, covering an area of approximately 48 000 hectares, including the caves of Sterkfontein, Driemolen, Swartkrans and Wonder Caves. The area provides a crucial insight into the early stages of human development including the environment in which our remote ancestors hunted and lived. Main sites included – Sterkfontein Cave and Maropeng. Including the latest find of Homo Naledi.

Constitution Hill:

Constitution Hill – Home to South Africa’s Constitutional Court and Johannesburg’s most historic site. The ramparts around the Old Fort at Constitution Hill offer a vantage point over downtown Johannesburg.

Ekala’s private tours take you through the facility in an hour. Giving our clients a full historical tour of facility – also include fully guided tour through Constitution Court, covering important cases that have been through the court and those waiting to be heard. Since you are accompanied by an experienced guide – generally cover more than most tourists could ever get out of the facility.

The Origins Centre:

The Origins Centre is a world-class facility located on the University of Witwatersrand as part of the Archaeology Department. Tells the story of emergence of human beings and humanity in Southern Africa, showcases the origins of Homo sapiens in Africa with the movement of humankind into all areas of the world.

South African National Museum of Military History:

South Africa’s only military museum covering all of our past military conflicts. Large selection of planes including Spitfire, Mosquito Bomber and more modern aircraft from South Africa’s own Air force.

Johannesburg skyline

Johannesburg Gold History Tour:

Specialised Johannesburg Gold History Tour. Johannesburg’s growth from a tented town, its need for a huge labour force, resulting in separate area’s and development, thus leading to Apartheid. This speciality tour gives you an understanding of Johannesburg’s 130 plus years of gold history. From the main gold reef find through the Anglo Boer war, the many miners’ strikes to becoming the gold capital of the world. Covering the remaining head gears, gold mine waste dumps to recent problems/environmental issues around acid mine drainage. Historical and operational mine tours, Johannesburg.

KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields

Military engagements that shaped the course of South African and world history. 70 years of major military clashes, in scenic central to northern KwaZulu-Natal. The region has the largest concentration of battlefields in Southern Africa. One historical drama unfolding after another. Ekala’s specialized tours are structured around your interests and the time available. Privately structured around your timing/requirements/battle interests.

Vereeniging – Vanderbijlpark – Sharpeville

South of Johannesburg: Sharpe “Native” Township – to become Sharpeville Township. 1960 Sharpeville massacre – Pan African Congress (PAC) pass law protest led by Robert Sobukwe. Sharpeville Memorial/Sharpeville Police Station/Sharpeville. Also visit either en-route or while in Vereeniging: Boer Peace Monument in Vereeniging, Boer War Witkop Blockhouse and Oprah Winfrey School.

The SAAF Museum – South African Air Force Museum, Swartkop

The South African Air Force Museum is the largest military aviation museum in South Africa. All exhibits and displays are well identified and uses both chronological and subjective layouts, telling an exciting story of aviation development in South Africa.

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Battlefield Memorials

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Wagon, Paul Kruger House, Pretoria
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Government house, downtown Johannesburg, early 1900”s

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Blood River Memorial - Battlefield Route

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Early photos showing some of surface operations – discussed as part of Ekala’s historical tours


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Cullinan Historical Premier Hotel 1906 as covered on Ekala’s historical tours

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