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Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

Monkey Sanctuary, Hartbeespoort Primate Tour – Experiencing primates in a natural environment

Bush Babies

Located in Hartbeespoort, North West Province – an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary, privately owned, 10 ha wild environment location on the side of the Magaliesberg mountain range. Perfect location for primate’s rehabilitation in environment that is natural to them.

Accordingly allowing them to lead normal and happy lives. Bush Baby Monkey Sanctuary is a non subsidized sanctuary. However only one of only eight free-release primate sanctuaries in the world.

Experience a variety of monkeys in natural free-roaming environment.

Home to over 90 rescued and free-released primates. Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary takes in primates that have been raised as pets or rescued from illegal animal trade.

All donated and rescued monkeys are rehabilitated and free released within the wild environment of Bush Babies monkey Sanctuary.

Monkey tour leads you through natural indigenous forests on elevated wooden walkways. Accordingly experiencing a variety of monkeys in a natural free-roaming environment.

Excellent family or educational tour that is above all, non-interactive. Viewing the primates in an unobtrusive manner. Monkeys require specific diets and being social animals, require group interaction and enrichment.

Many of Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary primates have never had this or have touched a tree prior to arrival. Human interaction at Hartbeespoort Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary is accordingly kept to an absolute minimum.

Furthermore staff at the Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary are not allowed to have contact with the monkeys. Leaving them to experience life as wild animals rather than domestic pets.

Ekala Eco Tours offer the Monkey Sanctuary as part of a full day tour.

With the distance to be covered to the Sanctuary, best to do the Monkey Sanctuary as part of a full day tour, including other local items, wildlife or historical to create a full day tour.

To be able to structure a tour around your requirements and time available – we need to be supplied with clear timing’s and collection and drop off address – hotel name. If one of the points is the airport – I need full flight details.

Once we have these it will be possible to quote/advise and structure a day or multi day package around your requirements/timing.


Human interaction at Bush babies Monkey Sanctuary is accordingly kept to an absolute minimum.

Perfect tour options to include with the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary to create a full day tour

Aerial Cableway, Hartbeespoort: Spectacular panoramic views of Hartbeespoort dam, Magaliesberg and surrounding area from the aerial cableway and in addition the viewpoints and walkway on top.

Hartbeespoort dam: Surrounded by the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range – with its scenic 56 kilometers of shoreline. Additionally Art and Craft markets.

Private collection and drop off – Professional – fully guided tours – 7 days a week

This with a highly experience professional guide

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