Origins Centre Tour

“A Museum in Africa for the people of the world”

Wits Origins Centre showcases the origins of Homo Sapiens in Africa and the movement of Humankind into all areas of the world.

Visit the Origins Centre in Johannesburg.

World-class facility located on the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) campus as part of the Archaeology Department. A tour through the story of the emergence of human beings and humanity in Southern Africa. Ex-President Thabo Mbeki acknowledged that for the first time in South Africa, archaeology can be appreciated by the public in a practical manner.

Africa – where humans first originated and where the very items that are humanity, art, language, technology and symbolism first developed.

Ekala Eco Tours offer the Origins Centre as part of a full day Johannesburg tour.

However only covered in a day tour if specificaly requested.

South Africa’s rich and complex past with visitors being taken through an extraordinary tour aided by cutting-edge technology and creative vision by South Africa’s foremost artists.

First section

The tour through first section of origins centre showcases origins of Homo sapiens in Africa and movement of humankind into all areas of the world. There are displays of tools made by early man as well as moulds of the skeletal features of hominid species.

Second section

Second section of the museum covers evolution of art, symbolism, technology and language in Africa. Exhibitions, film, holograms, and touch screens accompanied by narratives bring to life the heritage of people the San (Bushman), whose genetic DNA print has been linked to early Homo sapiens (160 000 years ago). Their rock art, ancient tools, belief systems and dances, including the intensely spiritual Great Dance are explored.

Exhibit at the museum demonstrates how genetic testing contributes to our understanding of human evolution.

The Origins Centre

Understanding the development of humanity in South Africa and the World.

Boasts an extensive collection of rock art from Wits Art Research Institute. You can see the earliest image made by man, which was found here in South Africa. Second phase of the museum will focus on the fossil discovered in South Africa and the contribution these fossils have made to understanding development of humanity.


The displays will centre on the country’s four billion-year-old fossil record, the oldest evidence of life on earth. Average museum experience lasts from between 90 minutes to 2 hours, but for the enthusiast, there is a wealth of extra multi-media material on Africa’s past.


Audio guides come with the price of admission and are available in six languages – Zulu, Sotho, English, Afrikaans, French and German.

Fossils from the Karoo and the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa.

James Kitching Paleontology Museum

A small museum of paleontology on the East Campus of the University of the Witwatersrand (short walk from the origins centre). The museum boasts “wall-to-wall” – missing links, featuring a model of the Taung skull and several almost complete skeletons.

The museums fossils come mostly from South Africa, in particular, Karoo and the Cradle of Humankind.

The Origins Centre Museum motto:

“We are who we are because of who we were”.

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