Tailor-Made private safari experiences - structured around your requirements and timing.

Pilanesberg Safari

Scenic view across dam in Pilanesberg

Pilanesberg National Park Safari and Tour

Pilanesberg Game Park day safari tours and overnight tailor-made safaris.

Zebra and Elephants - Pilanesberg


Photography enthusiasts generally wish to spend more time at a sighting to get the perfect pictures. Thus as our safaris are private, you therefore can take the time needed to get that photo. Ekala will position the vehicle in good proximity to the wildlife but acknowledging the animal’s personal space. It may mean the guide becomes unsighted, but the focus is on the client.

Ekala’s Safaris are small group private safaris – in all-weather 4 x 4 vehicles:

Air-conditioned high view point vehicles – open as may be required – closed as may be required.

Certainly, more comfortable, practical, and suitable for year-round use including winter, rain and the changing environment and temperature during the day.

Also allowing for easier game viewing and a lot more comfortable than the large mixed group and noisy only open vehicles.

This also allows us to have an advantage of not only being able to get closer, but to be able to move the vehicle into the best position for your photography.

Also focusing on your interests and not that of the larger, mixed group.

Ekala’s safaris include collection from Johannesburg/Pretoria or the airport and return as required.

Private – your group only professional Pilanesberg safari’s.

Different Pilanesberg National Park Safari options are available – all private – your group only – tailor-made around your requirements/timing.

Wildlife – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Tailor-Made private safari experiences - structured around your requirements and timing.

Wildlife – Pilanesberg National Game Park
Female Lions on road – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Private Pilanesberg day and overnight Custom Safari and Tours

As our safaris are private only – tailor-made around your requirements/available timing. Please supply these details for a safari package with a personalized itinerary designed especially for you.

Rich with amazing wildlife and bird life. Allowing for excellent photo opportunities of animals, birds, insects, and the environment in which they live. As our safaris are private – gives you all the time you need for the smallest insect to the largest elephant – moving as your requirements and stopping as you require. Also allows for the vehicle to be moved into the one 100% position for your photos

Picnic lunch can be supplied to be enjoyed at any one of the hides or picnic spots within the Pilanesberg National Park.

Alternatively have lunch at any of the parks restaurants or lodges.

Please contact Ekala Eco Tours for a accurate quotation or a personalized/tailor made itinerary. Structured from your arrival to departure.

Giraffe on road – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Bird watching is excellent with over 300 species recorded.

Zebra on road – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Pilanesberg Safari/Tours

Subscribing to Conservation through Education.

Different Safari options are available – all private – your group only – tailor-made with different times/inclusions/prices.

Drive through the Magaliesberg mountain range with its spectacular scenery. Over the Hartbeespoort dam with a shoreline of 56 kilometers, with a capacity of 205 million cubic meters. Through the mineral rich area of Rustenburg

En-route – as part of a multi day safari package – we can include:

Cradle of humankind, a world heritage site boasting 15 major paleontologists’ sites. Possible inclusions would be the Sterkfontein Cave and Maropeng.

Elephant Sanctuary.

Monkey Sanctuary

Cheetah Sanctuary

Zebra and Giraffe – Pilanesberg

Pilanesberg National game Park information

Game park covers an area of 55 000 hectares with approximately 200km of well-maintained roads with the greatest variety of animals per square km in Southern Africa. Situated in an ancient volcanic crater and adjoining the internationally acclaimed Sun City.

The accessibility of the Park is ideal for day trips, as it is the closest national park to Johannesburg International Airport. A visit to the park is always rewarding. Pilanesberg is located within one of the largest ancient volcanic complexes of its kind in the world.

Time, wind and water have carved a spectacular landscape with open grasslands, wooded valleys, bushveld and spectacular rocky outcrops. Its plains are rich and fertile with majestic hills encircling the park, reflected in a large central lake, the Mankwe Dam.

Furthermore, there are numerous hides and picnic spots to stop and stretch your legs. Pilanesberg is home to all of the Big Five and other game including giraffe, hippo, zebra, crocodile, brown hyena and cheetah, to mention but a few.

Ekala’s Safari’s – tailor-made your group only – even if for 1 only – allows individual position of the vehicle as suitable for your photos. Also focusing on your interests and not that of the mixed group. Far more practical than the large and noisy mixed group vehicles. Subsequently best for photographic results.

Giraffe and Lion – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Hiking Trails

Experience the Pilanesberg National Park on foot. Close up exposure to the wildlife of the Pilanesberg National Game Park. Locating and observing – accompanied by an experienced and accomplished guide. Sharing their extensive knowledge on the fauna and flora while on the walk.

Not always available. Requires at least one night to be spent in the Pilansberg – allowing an early morning departure from your lodge. No children under 12 years.

Sunset drives and bush braai’s

Always an exhilarating experience and opportunity not to miss. Not always possible/available – depending on timing. Ekala arranges these either a few days before arrival or on the day of arrival in the Pilanesberg.

Hot Air Ballooning

An adventure with a lot more style. Early morning start, watching the sunrise over the Pilanesberg with some game viewing. The Hot air Balloon flights last approximately 1 hour. Certainly your best hour in the Pilanesberg game park.

Requires at least one night to be spent in the Pilanesberg – allowing an early morning departure from your lodge.

Day tours and overnight Pilanesberg National Park Safaris – Tailor made private your group only.

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Safari vehicle

Vehicles provide advantageous views of scenery and additionally are all air-conditioned.

Private ‘small group’ safaris are enjoyed in all-weather 4x4 vehicles.

Furthermore our vehicles provide a more intimate and exclusive tour experience.

Ekala’s vehicles are thus easily maneuvered for outstanding photography opportunities.

Moreover individual interests can be met within small tour groups.

Accordingly our vehicles are comfortable, practical and suitable for South Africa’s variation in weather and seasons.

Ekala Family & Guides

Ekala Family & Guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s history, culture and wildlife.

With our vast experience and expertise, we will, above all, ensure you leave full of memories.

Ekala will additionally endeavor to personalise your tour according to individual time as well as requirements.

Furthermore Ekala personally conducts and organise all our tours and safaris as highly experience and professional guides.

Consequently you get an enhanced understanding of South Africa’s wildlife, history and diverse cultures.

Lion Pilanesberg Safari

Enjoying and respecting South Africa’s national assets – wildlife, environment and the people.

An Historical/Cultural tour and Safari to remember for the right reason

Hippo – Pilanesberg National Game Park

Our tours are non-invasive

Safaris are non-invasive with no wildlife interactions

Focusing on the national game parks – naturally wild.

Promote conservation and education.

As Kruger and Pilanesberg National Game Parks

We do not support private – commercially based “parks”

Giraffe – Pilanesberg National Game Park