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Wildlife Tours + Safaris

Ekala’s Tours/safaris are supplied private only – your group only – even if for 1 – safari or wildlife tour as per your personal requirements and structured around your time available.

South Africa is a country known for its natural beauty and the diversity of our national game parks.

We cater to the international and corporate tourists – being committed to delivering high quality personalized service.

Let Ekala Eco Tours provide the gateway to your discovery of South Africa’s wildlife.

Come with Ekala and experience the natural splendour of South Africa, its breathtaking beauty and unforgettable hospitality of the Ekala team – 5th generation South Africans.

Tour/Safari Packages available – day tours or multi day tours/Safari – available 7 days a week.

Ekala Eco Tours offer you a broad spectrum of options and can deliver according to personal and individual needs. Tours/safari’s designed to offer choice and flexibility to suit your personal preferences and available time.

To be able to structure a tour around your requirements and time available – we need to be supplied with clear timing and collection and drop off details – flights or hotel name. Once Ekala have these it will be possible to quote/advise and structure a day tour around your requirements/timing.

For multi day packages – best for Ekala to have arrival and departure flights – or proposed details – we then create a fully guided private package from arrival to departure.

All the ingredients for an amazing and informative Wildlife Safari/Tours.

We are committed to deliver personalized and quality service, ensuring Ekala’s guests leave with only the best of memories.

Ekala has developed an excellent reputation in looking after first time visitors.

If you have never traveled to Southern Africa before, we can look after you from arrival to departure.

Private – Professional – fully guided tours/safari’s – 7 days a week.

Wildlife Safari Tours

Sanctuary’s: For the 3 sanctuary’s that follow – Cheetah + Elephant + Monkey – our tours are private – your group only for collection and drop off. Thus fully guided tour from collection to drop off. However – at the sanctuary’s – you would be mixed with a small group for the set time tour with the local site guide.

DeWildt/Ann van Dyk Cheetah Sanctuary and Cheetah Breeding Program.

View the Cheetah and Wild Dog in an open safari vehicle and gain an understanding of their powerful abilities, their habits, nature as well as their struggle for survival in the wild. This sanctuary fits in well with the Elephant and Monkey Sanctuary to create a full day tour.

Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary interaction with Elephants half day tour. Ultimate experience with these magnificent animals. Small group exhilarating interaction, discovering the individual temperament and personality of the gentle giants of Africa. This sanctuary fits in well with the Cheetah and Monkey Sanctuary to create a full day tour.

Monkey Sanctuary

Monkey Sanctuary – free released within the wild environment of Bush Babies monkey Sanctuary. Monkey tour leads you through natural indigenous forests on elevated wooden walkways, experiencing a variety of monkeys in a natural free-roaming environment. This sanctuary fits in well with the Elephant and Cheetah Sanctuary to create a full day tour.

Eco Tours

Ekala Eco Tours conducts tours to destinations where the flora, fauna and cultural and historical heritage are the primary attractions. Ekala believes that the benefits of Eco driven tours are extensive and that such tours will attract guests who have a common interest in nature, wildlife and culture.

National Game Parks – Safari

Pilanesberg National Park Safari

Unique ecosystem supporting a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Pilanesberg is one of the best in South Africa with over 200 kilometers (124 miles) of good-quality roads and with over 7,000 animal’s. Fourth largest park in Southern Africa. Geologically intriguing and is malaria free. Ekala’s safaris are private only – either as a full day safari – private your group only or a one or two night safari – also private – your group only – structured to get the most of your time – not only structured around short mixed group drives.

Kruger Park National Park Safari

Ekala’s safari are within the actual Kruger – private only. This structured to cover vast areas of the game park – moving daily from area to area. This way a large part of the Kruger is covered, and a level of biodiversity that would not be encountered being based in one part of the Kruger or in any of the private game parks only.

Ekala’s safaris are private only. Your available time structured to get the most of the time within the game park and actually on safari – this private only – your group only – even if for 1 – not only structured around short mixed group drives.

Kruger generally not viable with less than 3 nights – although can be done in 2 nights.

Scenic Route – Kruger National Park

Follows the world renowned Mpumalanga Panorama route and includes breathtaking views with stops at Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Pilgrims rest, God’s Window and the world’s third largest canyon – Blyde River Canyon. Ekala highly recommends to spend the first or last night of a safari package within the canyon. This gives a full day to cover (Panoramic route) what is one of the most scenic parts on South Africa.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Private – Professional – fully guided tours/safari – 7 days a week.

Commercial Game Parks – Captive wildlife industry - As Lion and Safari Park + Rhino and Lion Reserve

Most tourists who visit a captive wildlife facility, are unaware of the negative impact of these Commercial run “parks”

Due to conservation issues that Ekala Eco Tours finds unacceptable – we do not support these types of commercially structured “Game Parks”.

Commercial “parks” that breed lions (or simply have lions) for financial gain – must, in Ekala’s opinion, be avoided. Even if you are supplied the tour for free.

Private “parks” are never the best options – specifically in an artificial environment – structured as a money-making facility only, with little regard for the wildlife and the long-term sustainability. The entire world is moving away from such facilities.

Options that would leave you with a better experience – not a feeling that you would have negatively contributed to conservation in general and to the ultimate death of the lions encountered.

Lion type safari “Parks” are the cheapest option available for any wildlife experience – however at what cost to the lions.

Although a slight difference between the Lion and Safari Park and Rhino and Lion Reserve – in our opinion – both have conservational issues and should be avoided. Thus, currently we (Ekala Eco Tours) are not supplying tours to either.

If a tour to one of the naturally wild locations is done with Ekala – we will highlight the industry of canned hunting and its attachment to these private parks. The differences between the various “parks” and “sanctuaries” i.e.: Pilanesberg and Kruger National Game Park, will be explained.

Lions are listed as vulnerable to extinction with a deceasing wild population size. Breading in captivity does not rectify the problem.

Not a single captive-bred, hand-reared lion (as would come from a private “park” type facility) has been successfully released into the wild. There is no conservation purpose to breed lions or to keep them in captivity.

Handled lions can’t be introduced into the wild. Other than hunting, there is no sustainable market for lions.

What you may experience is pleasing to the eye, it is however what goes on behind the scenes that is horrifying. Over 3 lions – PER DAY - are killed in South Africa for the trophy, bones, claws, and teeth market. All these lions come from private lion “parks”. Ekala refuses to be a part of this industry.

Ekala is not against legal and ethical forms of sustainable hunting and recognises the role that hunting plays in many conservation programs. However, the current figure of profits from hunting, for Africa, of the actual value, trickling down to the local community is less than 3%.

Ekala complies 100% with the international efforts to eradicate animal abuse.

Ekala’s opinion and avoidance of lion facilities:

Any facility that breeds with lions or trades in any way with lions has no conservation value.

Any facility using the excuse that their breeding programs are for conservation purposes - No conservation purpose to breed lions.

Any facility breeding of lions in captivity - because when they get to full size there is no market for then other than hunters.

Any facility breeding on demand, removing cubs from mothers prematurely, bottle fed, then “selling” cub interactions.

Any facility – that has no interaction in any way – they essentially are still a lion breeding factory.

Any facility – selling walking with lion opportunities


Most of the above applies to captive cheetah facilities, specifically those that make no genuine efforts at reintroduction programs or promote the survival of free-ranging cheetahs. These reintroduction programs are possible for the cheetah where it is not possible for lion.

Only one of the many (around 80 in South Africa) cheetah sanctuaries that Ekala is aware of, support breeding programs of the Anatolian shepherd dogs, use by farmers to mitigate the human/wildlife conflict.

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Ekala Family & Guides

Ekala Family & Guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s history, culture and wildlife.

With our vast experience and expertise, we will ensure you leave with a camera full of memories.

We will endeavour to personalise your tour according to individual time and requirements.

We personally conduct and organise all our tours and safaris as highly experience and professional guides.

Get an enhanced understanding of South Africa’s wildlife, history and diverse cultures.

Private ‘small group’ safaris are enjoyed in all-weather 4x4 vehicles.

Vehicles provide advantageous views of scenery and are all air-conditioned.

Vehicles are comfortable, practical and suitable for South Africa’s variation in weather and seasons.

Vehicles provide a more intimate and exclusive tour experience.

Ekala’s vehicles are easily manoeuvred for outstanding photography opportunities.

Individual interests can be met within small tour groups.

Enjoying and respecting South Africa’s national assets - wildlife, environment and the people.

An Eco Tour and Safari to remember for the right reason

Our tours are non-invasive.

Cultural tours/township tours as Soweto/Alexandra:

We do NOT go into private houses.

Or invade the township resident's privacy in any way.


No prices on our website due to the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each tour.

We structure our tours/safari's around our client’s individual requirements.

If time is limited:

We will structure the tour from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

Not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

We quote based on your specific requirements.