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South Africa 2021 Rugby Tour

Private safari tours and accommodation packages

Covering duration of British and Irish Lions South Africa tour

British & Irish Lions tour – South Africa 2021

Tour/safari packages – pre tour – during tour – post tour.

Ekala’s packages are not only about the British & Irish Lions tour but enabling our guests to be immerse into the culture, history and South Africa’s nature including the wildlife.

Ekala’s tours focus on true South African experiences.

Our safaris and tours (cultural/historical) and including the battlefield tours are fully accompanied by a member of the Ekala Team – a highly experienced professional South African guide.

Ekala’s safari and tour packages are built around the British & Irish Lions tour fixtures.

Experience Ekala’s unique tour packages and warm hospitality not only of Ekala, but of South Africa.

Ekala’s focus is to create the absolute best experiences in South Africa for travelling fans.

Zebra in Pilanesberg National park
Private Lions Packages:

Our tours/safaris are private only. Booking group only to a maximum of 6. Even if solo.

We do not subcontract this to a third party. You book with Ekala – Ekala supplies the tour or safari – easy.

Also helps in keeping the costs down.

Please note:

Ekala Eco Tours are not an agent or official partner of The British and Irish Lions. Thus our packages do not include match tickets.

However while we cannot arrange or include match tickets, Ekala supplies the full package as detailed and makes your adventure distinctly superior.

Certainly structuring around the British and Irish Lions match schedule.

Hospitality ticket options: These may be possible for Ekala to obtain. However not able to confirm this currently.

Package Options – Pre-British & Irish Lions tour options:

A wide choice of options – we structure around the time you will becoming before the British & Irish Lions tour and your interests.

Detailed below will be some options on this.

All these package options ending as suitable to the first game you have tickets.

If your first game is the British and Irish Lions vs DHL Stormers – then drop off O. R. Tambo Johannesburg airport by midday on the 2nd July 2021.

This will work perfect for a 14:00 flight to Cape Town – arriving 16:00 for the game the next day.

An additional excellent option would be using the Premier Classe Train down to Cape Town. However these tickets are not included in our package.

This train departs every Thursday from Johannesburg for Cape Town – this works well to arrive Cape Town day before first Lions game.

If your game is a later match – easy – we can structure for before this.

If for the first British and Irish Lions vs Springboks test – 24th July, then the safari or tour ends in Johannesburg either at Ekala Guest House or any other Johannesburg accommodation on the 23rd July.

Packages/options around the duration of the British & Irish Lions games:

As our packages are private – certainly all our safari and tour options are possible as day or multi day options between the British & Irish Lions games:

Safari – Pilanesberg and Kruger National Parks

Other wildlife options

Sanctuaries – Elephant – Cheetah – Monkey

Battlefield tours:

KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields with the possibility of including Johannesburg as causing the war and Pretoria as the end point of the war

Historical tours:

South Africa historical with the focus on Johannesburg and Pretoria

Cultural tours:

South Africa’s cultural diversity:

Then can combined both cultural and historical items:

Historical cultural South Africa

Township tours


Township – Soweto Cultural day visit


Tourist visit to Vibrant Township of Alexandra

Gold mining tours:

Johannesburg 130 years of Gold

Diamond Mine:

Cullinan Underground tour in a working mine.

If underground not suitable:

Cullinan surface tour and historical tour

Post-British & Irish Lions tour options:

No need to hurry home! Enjoy some time in South Africa before traveling home.

All options possible – structured around your interests from the final whistle of the final British and Irish Lions Springbok test.

Starting from Ekala Guest House or the accommodation you are at for the final test.

For as long as suitable to you – ending at O. R. Tambo airport for your return flight home.

Climax of the British and Irish Lions tour will certainly be the third test against the Springboks at Ellis Park Stadium (Emirates Airline Park) on the 7th August.

Highlights of the options that are included in the various options below:

Go into the bush for the ultimate South African Safari – Pilanesberg – Malaria free or Kruger.

Battlefield tour – focusing on Anglo/Zulu and Anglo/Boer including both Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

Including a measure of cultural and history to enrich your time in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela – struggle against Apartheid – road to freedom and democracy – a specialised tour and one of Ekala’s most supplied.

Certainly not simply a point to point drive around or museum tour.

Best way to experience South Africa either before, during or after the British & Irish Lions tour.

In our booking details we have noticeably clear details regarding meeting points for package start and, also stadium collections.

Remember however that everything we supply can be tailored to your specific needs. Thus, if you wish to shorten the stride or up the beat or add some time to relax – whatever it is, we can structure accordingly.

Package tours for sports fans

Match day: Ekala is always concerned in not allocating sufficient time on the day. To travel halfway around the world for a very important game/event – it is a must to be seated well in time for kick-off.

Best to get you close to the stadium early with the option for you to get lunch and relax close to the stadium.

This certainly adds value to the day and removes any stress.

Kruger Buffalo
Important notes on the safari packages:
  1. In inquiring on any of the following tour and safari packages – please supply safari/tour code with your tour/safari dates.
  2. Collection and drop off as required is included – thus need these to be able to advise and detail the quote as accurately as possible. Hotel name or flight number.
  3. Please also advise on any safari/tour restructuring requirements or additions.
  4. Special dietary requirements. We may be able to accommodate any type of dietary requirements, please supply these to advise/quote correctly. If not supplied, we quote as no special dietary requirements.
  5. Times we have given are the earliest and latest standard times – however we adjust as required or as needed for your flights. The more time located to the safari and tour the more time you actually get on safari and tour.
  6. Where meals are not included – is simply the best practical option to allow you to choose on the day. A snack or large meal as you may be requiring at that time. You thus pay for what is suitable at that time. Easy and best for you.
  7. Transfers required for the tour/safari as detailed are included as part of the fully guided experience. Thus, includes the service of a professional guide from collection to drop off.
  8. Not all of our extensive list of tours are included in the packages page. Only covering the most popular options. Thus, if you have specific requirements/interests/items to be included, please supply details and we will structure a package to include these as may be possible.
  9. All packages can be structured to have the night before or after at Ekala Guest house if your timing or flights require this.
  10. Minimum group size: Solo certainly and for an intimate private tour, ideally is 3. You get the most out of the private package. This can certainly be increased to a maximum of 9.
  11. Use of available time. Ekala applies all available time in the days allocated to the safari. Not only limited to a short drive or two. We use the time as suitable to our private group – maximum time on safari or a balance of safari time and relaxing time in South Africa’s bush as suitable to you.
  12. Kruger safari – Ekala only recommends and uses the main Kruger National Park – moving from the accommodation point where we spent the night to one of the other points for the night. This way a large part of the Kruger and its diversity is covered. Far better than being based at one point, covering same part of the Kruger and its diversity daily.
  13. Panorama route: covering as many of the points as possible in the time available. Generally, we cover all important points and some of the others. However, does depend on the time you wish to spend at the sites. Also including the old mining town of Pilgrims rest where possible.
  14. Extend the Panoramic route to 1.5 days or 2 days. If 2 days, then 2 nights are spent in the canyon.
  15. Day tours duration – depart and return Ekala Guest House: Generally, depart Ekala 08:30 returning 17:30. However as private if you require less tour time – easy.
  16. Package prices supplied once customised to your individual requirements or that of your group
Cullinan underground tour group

Game walks:

Possible to add to the Kruger and Pilanesberg safari options – always a great experience. Adults only.

Game walk for children:

If for children or those hesitant of being on foot for 3 hours: Can still supply a walk – however then not in the main section of the Pilanesberg. Ekala can arrange in a separate section of the Pilanesberg without the dangers of the big 5. Also, a good option for those concerned with being on foot with predators around.

But still with the likes of Zebra, Impala, wildebeest, giraffe, and the smaller creatures. Also excellent for birds.

A bicycle ride: Is also possible though this same section of the Pilanesberg.

Ekala Eco Tours safari packages are a suggestion based on our experience.

If you wish to take separate elements from each tour and create, you are a unique package we will certainly restructure as may be required and quote accordingly.

Most tour options as part of a Pilanesberg package can also be structured as part of a Kruger package.

Packages to suit all including those who have already – been there and done that – and who are looking for excellent service and something different.

Ekala Guest Farm: Located on the southern fringes of Johannesburg.

Meals at Ekala Guest House:

What better way to meet local South Africans and have dinner with a South African family. Be spoiled with excellent food with warm conversation that will expand and enrich your understanding of South Africa and its culturally diverse people.

Birding safari: As our safaris are private – you wish to focus more on the bird life – easy. Pilanesberg is most suited to this due to is geological structure, the many dams and bird hides.

Photographic safari:

With our professional guide and as a private safari – best possible combination for a photographic safari.

Ekala’s tours are specifically structured to enable you to gain an understanding of South Africa’s cultural and historical past. This with professional and highly experience and knowledgeable guides.

Kruger is a malaria area where Pilanesberg is Malaria free.

Kruger conservation fees are included in our prices.

All tour entrance fees are included.

Curio shopping: In all tour/safari options different curio options available. We allocate time for this or not – as required.

Ekala safari vehicles are – no smoking.

Ekala Guest House is a no smoking guest house.

Prices quoted as money Ekala would receive. Thus, if to paid by credit card an extra will apply. Same a bank charges – we only credit to you booking the actual amount that reflects in our account.

Booking confirmation only once deposit received by Ekala. Subject to availability at that time.

Package prices

No package prices for the 2021 Lions tour on our website as a result of the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each tour we supply.

Thus Ekala structure our tours/safari’s around our client’s individual requirements.

So if time is limited

We thus structure from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Accordingly using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

Consequently not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

As a result, quote based on your specific requirements.

Contact Ekala Tours

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Best ability to contact Ekala around our British & Irish Lions tour packages:

Then will respond within 24 hours. Actually in most cases less. However depend on time differences.

Additionally Cell phones do create some problems. Due to time difference or because we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. Thus email works perfectly.

Furthermore difficult to deal with tour specifics on a cell phone.

Blood river memorial

For multi-day safari tour package – Ekala Guest House

Johannesburg accommodation

Vaalkrans Battlefield tour

Safety: For the full package, apart from the actual match day, you would be with one of Ekala’s team.

Same team that you would be discussing the package requirements right from the first enquiry.

This goes a long way in ensuring your safety and overall satisfaction in the end.

Giraffe close up - Pilansberg safari

Due directly to current uncertainties around COVID-19:

Ekala has postponed confirming bookings and thus no deposit or payments currently required.

If you have any interest in our packages – pre, during and post British & Irish Lions tour, please discuss with us exactly what you are looking for and size of your group. Ekala will then see how we can structure, hopefully getting to the point of exactly what you are looking for.

Then as you have registered your interest, we will place you on our list that will give you first option as soon as these uncertainties do not exist. We will then confirm what we can supply, then if you wish to proceed, the first deposit would immediately be required.

Cullinan surface operations

South Africa as current World Champions will certainly bring the best out of the Lions and can certainly expect a close and hard-fought tour.

Eight matches in total, five weeks (that you can certainly extend).

6 Cities – Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban, Nelspruit and Johannesburg with three tests against the reigning World Champions. Two of these tests being in Johannesburg.

First test between the British and Irish Lions and the Springboks at Soccer City (FNB stadium) – 24th July – would see the Springboks in action in this stadium for the first time in 8 years

We cannot wait for the Lions Tour 2021 in South Africa. Specifically considering the months of little to no sporting events. Due directly to COVID-19:


Solo South Africa safari and travel:

South African safari and eco tour holiday then catering for the single / solo traveller.

Indeed, for all diverse interests and ages.

Then accompanied by Ekala’s professional guides.

As a solo traveller the private tour is accordingly customised to your needs.

Hence providing quality time on your interests and requirements.

While striving to make long lasting memories for you.

Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton

Accordingly best way to experience South Africa is with Ekala’s passion for South Africa.

Either culturally and historically – Let Ekala share South Africa’s best experiences with you.

Spioenkop Battle graves

 Responsible and ethical South Africa tourism/consumerism.

Group Underground

Our safaris, nature and wildlife tours are non-invasive

No wildlife interactions

Focusing on the national game reserves – naturally wild.

Promote conservation and education.

As Kruger and Pilanesberg National Game reserves.

An experience that will be remembered for the right reason

We do not support private – commercially based “parks”​

The Elephant Sanctuary close up eye