Cullinan Diamond Mine Surface Tour

Cullinan Diamond Mine Surface Motorised Tour

Diamond Mine Tour – Cullinan.

Cullinan Mine surface tours:

Walking or motorised (driven through operations)

Operational Diamond mine surface tours.

Including new operations and surface operations.

Cullinan Diamond Mine-Surface Tour

South Africa’s Premier Diamond Mine Tour at the Cullinan Diamond mine.

In addition, Ekala combines within our comprehensive Cullinan diamond mine tour we supply:

A set time surface tour that would travel into the secure area of mine current operations – then additionally:

History of the area, actually going back millions of years.

Then origins of the diamonds and additionally the earliest Cullinan mining operations.

Then through modern years, then consequently the change to current less “damaging” mine operations, and the advancements to Cullinan’s most advanced mining operations in the world.


Whereas the set time tour had 3 options – now practically only 2 (apart from Ekala’s extras).


Originally the hour mine walk had some value, but was taxing for the not so fit, and then not covering significant parts of the mine operations, even at that time.

However, due to the complete restructuring of the mine, this walk cannot now get to the new operations – yes, it can get to the view of the shafts from a distance, then a view of the big hole.

Can then leave you worn out, thus negatively affecting the rest of the day for no constructive value.

This option, however restricted as to what is covered due to security and safety within an active mine while being on foot.

Thus, the complete picture of current operations is not able to be appreciated. Accordingly, Ekala sees no value in this for now, and we would not waste your time for this.


Surface Motorised Cullinan Mine tour

Simply known as following the Journey of the Cullinan Diamond Tour.

Open Vehicle drive – around 1.5 hours – but as you are being driven – covers a huge part of the surface mining operations. New and old mining operations.

Additionally, group size is limited to the size of the vehicle – more quality and direct contact with your guide that is lost on the walk – specifically in big walking groups.

This Surface Motorised Tour goes directly through the new operations/workings. Additionally, get to view and understand old Cullinan mining operations.

Also stops at the highest point of the Kimberlite waste dumps. Gives an extraordinary view of the full mine and its operations and slimes dam.

Ekala also includes an additional point where this “dam” can be viewed.


Underground Tour.

Certainly the best option, but does require more time and is not suitable for everyone, and additionally is not available on a Sunday.

More on both these options are below.

  • With an open pit four times the size of the famous Kimberly hole.
  • Surface tour – underground tour – historical tour – old to new operational mine tour or combination of these can be covered in the time allocated.
  • Best is the underground tour, this combined with a short surface and historical tour. If going underground is not for you, then Ekala will structure to include a surface motorised tour.
  • Ekala certainly recommends the surface drive – Journey of the Diamond, in the open vehicle. It complements the tour Ekala is giving far better and covers a greater area of the mine and new advanced operations.
  • Thus, additionally able to go more in-depth to the mining process and Cullinan’s specific operations.
  • Also, able to better communicate while sitting in a vehicle than is possible with a walking group.
  • Cullinan Underground Tour – this does take far more time than the above surface tour – so will fit in a bit less of the surface operations and historical items, mine, and village.
  • Ekala’s Cullinan mine tours are structured to spend some time covering the area historically. However, depending on the actual Cullinan tour booked and time available/allocated.
Mine Location:

Cullinan/Premier Diamond Mine is situated 40 km east of Pretoria in the town of Cullinan. Actually situated within the 200 000 hectares of Dinokeng.


Meaning the “place of rivers”, while lying in the catchment area of Olifants and Limpopo Rivers.


In African culture this makes it a sacred place with great healing powers.

Cullinan mine surface tours, tailor made to your personal requirements and time available. Accordingly, we structure the tour around either Cullinan surface or underground tour.

Ekala Eco Tours offer you a broad spectrum of tour options and can thus deliver according to personal and individual needs.


A tour designed to offer choice and flexibility. Combining tours as you require to suit your personal preferences and then available time.

Settler tanks Cullinan diamond mine
Cullinan Diamond Mine Surface Walk

Not currently viable, as covers only a limited part of the old Cullinan mining operations and then none of the new mining operations.

These limitations within this “walking” tour extend not only to what is viewed, but the overall understanding of the mine in general.

Specifically, as part of Ekala’s overall Cullinan diamond mine surface tour.

Journey of the Diamond – Cullinan Mine Motorised Tour:

Journey of the Cullinan diamond indeed includes items not included on either the surface walking tour or underground tour.

Open vehicle drive – around 1.5 hours – but as you are being driven – covers a huge part of Cullinan’s surface mining operations (new and old).

Including the highest point on Kimberlite dumps (360 million tons of waste material after diamonds have been recovered) and the slimes dam.

Ekala certainly recommends the surface drive – in the open vehicle. It complements the tour Ekala is giving far better and covers a greater area of the Cullinan mine and its surface operations.

Accordingly, able to go more in-depth into the diamond mining process, mining methods and geological processes that are responsible for the creation of diamonds.

Recent changes in mining operations would be covered within Ekala’s tours.

Including the new optical sorting plant and further re-processing of De Beers diamond mining operations waste dumps.

This then means 2 mine operations running side by side – underground recovery and surface reprocessing. Both of these are covered within Ekala’s Journey of the diamond – Cullinan Mine surface tour.

Cullinan Mine Underground Tour:

Adventurous tourists can take an underground tour of a working diamond mine. Underground with mine working shift.

Cullinan diamond mine

With Ekala – Indeed, far more than simply a set time Cullinan Diamond Mine surface tour.

Cullinan Mine-surface tour

Daily Cullinan Diamond Mine surface tours – 7 days a week.

Cullinan cage

Best ability to contact Ekala for the Cullinan Diamond mine:
[email protected]

Will respond within 24 hours. In most cases less. But does depend on time differences.

Cell phone does create some problems. Due to time difference or that we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. While email works perfectly.

Cullinan-Mine surface tour

Cullinan Mine History

The volcanic pipe, discovered in 1890 and led to the establishment of the mine in 1902 as the premier diamond mine in South Africa.

The Cullinan diamond pipe is the oldest known diamond pipe in the world, and in 1905 mining was only 9 meters from the surface.

A volcanic pipe-shaped in the form of a carrot has a surface area of 42 hectares – approx 40 soccer pitches.

In January 1905 the world’s largest rough gem, the Cullinan Diamond 3,106.75 carats, was discovered by mine surface manager, Frederick Wells.

Diamond, named after mine owner, Sir Thomas Cullinan.

Cullinan diamond cut into many stones, including 2 very large diamonds, given to King Edward VII in 1907 on his 66th birthday and forms part of the British crown jewels.

Cullinan diamond “posted” to England in the normal package post.

Over 250 diamonds of over 100 carats have been found in the Cullinan mine, including a 101.27-carat diamond, sold for $6.2 million.

Diamonds totalling more than 120 million carats have been mined since the Cullinan mine opened.

In 2003 the mine was to be renamed the Cullinan Diamond mine.

2007 it was sold by De Beers (the world’s biggest diamond producer at that time) to Petra Diamonds.

Tailor-made Cullinan Diamond mine surface tour experiences – thus structured around your requirements and timing.

Cullinan Nedbank

Cullinan’s Blue Diamonds

Cullinan mine is the only site in the world where blue diamonds can be repeatedly found and is the world’s most significant source of these valuable stones.

Cullinan (Petra) recovered five rare large, high-quality blue diamonds in 2020. High quality in both clarity and colour.

Five blue diamond’s totalling over 85 carats. Believed to all be individual stones and not originally part of a larger blue diamond.


The Mine Today

Today, the Cullinan/Premier Mine open pit is four times the size of South Africa’s famous Kimberley diamond hole. Indeed, remains a fully operational mine with 25% of its production, being of gem-quality diamonds.

Purchasing – Buying a Diamond:

Then complete your diamond mine tour experience with a diamond of your own. Buying yourself a fine gem diamond direct from Cullinan, where 10 of the world’s most famous diamonds have been discovered.

While browsing the vast range of diamonds, loose, polished diamonds and diamond jewellery, all created to the highest standards.

Two diamond shops in Cullinan.

However, Please Note:

Ekala discusses in-depth differences between these two shops en-route to the mine. Giving you the best advice and “inside information”.

Accordingly, giving you the opportunity to get the diamond of your choice, at the best price.

If required, we will certainly assist that you can view and price from both shops to ensure the best overall purchase and price.

Do not wish to shop – no problem – we will not waste your valuable time with this.

Shop for your own fine gem diamond from the dazzling array of diamonds and jewellery. Buy your Diamonds and get it set in distinctive designs of gold or platinum.

Indeed, 15% vat on your diamond purchase can be returned to you on your departure from South Africa.

Cullinan mine tour – either on a surface or underground tour – then shop for a piece of history for yourself with a purchase of a Cullinan diamond.

Please ensure you discuss the buying of a diamond with your Ekala Guide before visiting either of the shops.

Other mining options available to include with Cullinan mine to create an extended day or multi-day tour package:

Cullinan underground:

Underground in the Cullinan diamond mine

This does take far more time than the surface tour – thus if only one day is available for the tour – then either a mini Cullinan historical tour or Pretoria tour.

Cultural/historical – or combinations or drive through:


Pretoria today, one of South Africa’s 3 capital cities.

If for an extended Cullinan single day, can possibly fit a mini Pretoria or simply a drive-through before or after the Cullinan mine surface tour:


Maropeng and Sterkfontein Cave day tour

This would need to be as an extra day of the Cullinan surface tour

Sammy Marks Museum:

Victorian mansion – home of Sammy Marks – made a significant contribution to mining, agriculture, and industrial development in Pretoria and additionally Johannesburg.

Cullinan Diamond Mine surface tour prices:

No prices on our website due to the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each Cullinan mine tour we supply.

We indeed structure the Cullinan surface tour from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Cullinan Diamond Mine quote based on your specific requirements.

Private, professional, and reliable Cullinan Diamond mine surface tours.

Cullinan new and old operations
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Ekala’s Cullinan mine surface tour can be adapted to personal requirements.


Private collection and drop off – then supplied as a fully guided professional Cullinan surface tour. Thus covering en-route as may be possible from collection to drop off.

South Africa flag

Superior photographic opportunities, paired additionally with highly experienced professional guides.

Thus providing a unique Cullinan mine experience.

Sir Herbert Baker church - Cullinan

Enjoying and experiencing South Africa’s mining assets.

Thus, a Cullinan mine surface tour to remember for the right reason.

Cullinan Sign

The best way to experience the Cullinan mine surface tour is then with Ekala’s passion, experience, and knowledge.

Let Ekala then share South Africa’s best mining experiences with you.


Above all an understanding of South Africa’s mining operations – Gold and diamonds – historical to current operations as a world leader

Ekala’s guides are well-spoken, thus providing interesting detail and clarity while on the Cullinan Diamond mine surface tour.

While active engagement between guide and guest encouraged.

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