Your personal information and booking payment options:

Ekala Guest Farm and Eco Tours protection of your personal information and information required by Ekala during the quoting and booking process:

Your privacy and protection of your personal information is taken very seriously by Ekala.

Ekala’s data protection policies and procedures meet the requirements and standards of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) & Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI Act) in South Africa.

This is South Africa’s equivalent of the EU GDPR.

Ekala, during the booking process, does not and will not ask for personal information, such as ID and passport numbers, credit card details or any other special personal information.

We would however need to be aware of any health issues that may affect your ability on tour or safari. Including our ability to supply the tour or safari, considering any special health requirement.

The same would apply to special dietary requirements.

Most important information

We do need, to be able to structure the quote correctly:

Clear start and endpoints for any day or multi-day package. This would include dates with flight numbers or hotel name or address for collection or drop off.

With this, we can clearly see requirements and timing within the day/package, allowing Ekala to structure as your details/requirements/timing would allow.

A quote with incorrect details has little to no value.

This information being processed for the specific purpose for which it was supplied – to quote and advise you correctly. Structuring the quote/package accurately around your specific planning and timing.

We respect your privacy, being committed to keeping your information secure and confidential. In doing so, we commit to never distribute your information to a third party.

Third-party service providers:

If accommodation required within your package (apart from Ekala Guest House) or specific site tours or inclusions within your booking package, where Ekala needs to book these in advance, dates and guests names may need to be supplied to this third-party provider. These are the only details we would pass on. In most cases, we book these under Ekala’s name, however, where required your last name only would be passed over.

Ekala does not work with any booking agent or online booking site. Thus, the entire process of arranging and structuring your tour or safari package is between yourself and Ekala.

The preferred method of communication to fulfil your booking/tour/safari requests and to be able to confirm a booking is by e-mail.

Once we get to the booking stage:

Once the quote is accepted with the option amount to be paid finalised, for facilitating reservation payments, there are 2 options:

Credit card:

Ekala works with MOBIPAID for credit card payments. You would get sent a secure link directly from MOBIPAID. You follow their requirements to conclude the payment.

Thus, none of your personal information, including that of your credit card is passed on to Ekala.

Depending on the security on your card – you may need to advise your bank of the transaction (and amount) before you follow the MOBIPAID link specific to your booking that would be sent directly to you from MOBIPAID for payment.

MOBIPAID website:

Once you have concluded the transaction, Ekala gets advised directly from MOBIPAID that payment has been made, and we confirm the booking to you – all easy.

Bank transfer:

We supply you with our bank details, you then wire/transfer the amount as approved/agreed for your booking.

Once you have completed the transfer, we ask you to advise us accordingly. We then look out for the money; this could take a few days depending on your bank and location.

Once this lands in our account, we can see the actual amount received in South African Rands, crediting the actual amount that reflects in our account to your booking and confirming the booking details to you at that time.

Your banking details and private information are not passed on to Ekala. Details remaining private between your bank and yourself.

This payment option, due to the slightly delayed process, is not suitable for a last-minute tour and safari bookings. The credit card option above, then becomes the only viable option.

Prices quoted, as the amount that we would actually receive, in South African Rands (R) – ZAR.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ekala.

This site is owned and operated by Ekala Guest Farm and Eco Tours.

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