Cullinan Diamond Mine Underground Tour

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Cullinan Diamond Underground Mine Tour.

Premier Cullinan Underground and Diamond Mine tour of a working diamond mine.

Ekala's tour clients underground with Cullinan mine working shift

Cullinan Diamond mine Underground Tour – Indeed, only mine tour of its kind in the world.

Cullinan’s cage “elevator” ready to take Ekala’s tour group underground
Cullinan Underground Mine Tours – Operational mine in production 6 days a week.
Underground tours then available Monday to Saturday.
However all other tour options for Cullinan diamond mine available 7 days a week.
Mine Location:

The Cullinan/Premier Diamond Mine is situated 40 km east of Pretoria in the town of Cullinan. Situated within the 200 000 hectares of Dinokeng. Meaning the “place of rivers”.


Lying in the catchment area of the Olifants and Limpopo Rivers. Thus in African culture makes this a sacred place with great healing powers.

South Africa’s premium diamond underground mine tour at the Cullinan Diamond mine.

Tourists accordingly take the underground tour with the working shift. Actually involves changing into special safety gear and heading down in the cage to 763 meters below the surface.


While currently the mine is using a slightly shallower level for the underground tour due to re-tooling that is taking place as part of the modernisation of the underground and surface operations.

Temperature on the underground tour is comfortable all year round.

Cullinan diamond mine Underground Tour – indeed, only tour of its kind in the world.


Ekala’s Cullinan underground tours are generally structured to additionally spend time covering the area and mine historically. However depends on actual mine tour booked and time available/allocated.

Cullinan - Ekala group going underground with working shift

The Mine Today:

Cullinan Mine open pit is four times the size of South Africa’s famous Kimberly diamond hole.It remains a fully operational mine, then with current mining operations being underground.

However there is a surface operation, the reprocessing of the Kimberlite dumps (old waste). Both mining operations running side by side.

Cullinan indeed produces 25% of the world’s production of gem quality diamonds.

Ekala's group on Cullinan Underground tour

Purchasing/Buying a Diamond:

Then complete your underground diamond mine experience with a diamond of your own.

Browse the vast range of loose, polished diamonds and diamond jewellery.

All jewellery accordingly manufactured to the highest standards.

Buy your Diamond and then get it set in distinctive designs of gold or platinum while you wait.


All diamonds purchased in Cullinan accordingly carry an international certification of their quality, veracity and value.

Two different diamond shops within the Cullinan village.


Ekala indeed explains on the day of underground tour the differences/advantages between the two shops/suppliers.

With this in mind an important discussion before you spend your money.

Then 15% vat on your diamond purchase can be returned to you on your departure of South Africa.

Best ability to contact Ekala for a underground tour

Then will respond within 24 hours. Actually in most cases less. However depend on time differences.

Additionally Cell phones do create some problems. Due to time difference or because we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. Thus email works perfectly.

Furthermore difficult to deal with tour specifics on a cell phone.

Ekala's tour group - Cullinan Underground

Superior photographic opportunities, paired additionally with highly experienced professional guides.

Cameras of Ekala’s clients are certainly allowed underground. However no cell phones underground due to potential problems relating to the mining operations.

Thus providing a unique mine experience.

Cullinan underground tour

With Ekala – Far more than simply a set time underground tour

Cullinan’s cage “elevator”

Tour packages available – Cullinan underground tours and then multi day mine tours.

Ekala group going underground with Cullinan working shift

Ekala’s underground tours can indeed be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Thus we can accommodate specific and personal requirements.

Ekala’s tours are supplied as private tours. Indeed including more than simply a set time mine underground tour.


Tailor made to your personal requirements. We accordingly structure the tour/ around the Cullinan underground tour with items of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cullinan surface and historical tours as may be possible with the days/times available/allocated.

Ekala Eco Tours offer you a broad spectrum of options and can deliver accordingly to personal and individual needs.

Thus tours designed to offer choice and flexibility. Combining tours as you require to suit your personal preferences and available time.

To be able to structure a tour around your requirements and time available – we thus need to be supplied with clear timing and collection and drop off address – hotel name.


Then if one of the points is the airport – we need full flight details.


Once we have these it will then be possible to quote/advise and structure a day or multi day package around your requirements/timing.

Underground workings Cullinan Diamond Mine
Ekala’s Cullinan underground tours are generally structured to spend some time covering the area historically. However depends on actual tour booked and time available/allocated.
  • Then as the underground tour is lengthy – if only one day allocated – we would only be able to include a mini surface tour and in some cases a mini historical tour. Does however depend on your time and location of collection and drop off.
  • On occasions we can return to your hotel or the airport travelling through Pretoria.
  • Does however depend on tour booked and additionally your time and location of collection and drop off. Then also flight departime if drop off for a flight.
  • However in above options – Ekala would advise at the time of quoting as to what can be included or available options.
For multi day options including the Cullinan underground tour:

Then other multi day options:

  • Soweto
  • Johannesburg
  • Constitution Hill
  • Apartheid Museum
  • Cullinan surface tour – we accordingly recommend the surface drive. Motorised tour.
  • It covers a far greater area of the mine and is thus able to go more in depth around the mining process and the mines specific operations. Including that of the underground operations and the reprocessing of the Kimberlite dumps.
  • Pretoria Tour – perfect with the surface tour – but can on occasions do a Pretoria drive through after the underground tour. Does depend on the actual collection and drop off points.

To be able to structure an underground tour around your requirements and time available – we need to be supplied with clear timing and collection and drop off address, hotel name.


If one of the points is the airport – I need full flight details. Once we have these it will be possible to quote/advise.

Structuring a day or multi day package around your requirements and timing.

Underground tour prices:

No prices on our website due to the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each tour we supply.

Ekala structure our underground tours around our client’s individual requirements.

If time is limited:

We indeed structure the tour from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Accordingly using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

In contrast, not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

As a result, Cullinan underground tour quote based on your specific requirements.

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Underground tour - Cullinan diamond mine

 Responsible and ethical tourism/consumerism.

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Ekala’s mine underground tours can then be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Thus we accommodate specific and personal requirements.

Ekala's underground group waiting for cage to return to surface
South African Flag

Ekala Family & Guides

Ekala family & tour guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s mining.

Thus we focus were our experience and expertise lies – in South Africa only.

Highly Experienced Guides

With our vast experience and expertise, we will bring the Cullinan diamond mine tour to life.

Including sharing our love and knowledge of South Africa.

Ensuring you leave full of the best memories.


Ekala will endeavor to personalise your Cullinan mine underground tour package according to individual requirements/interests as well as available time .

Personal touch

Furthermore Ekala personally conducts and organises all our mine tours.

As highly experience and professional guides.

Consequently you get an enhanced understanding of South Africa’s wildlife, history and diverse cultures.

Thus best South African Experience
Ekala's tour group on Cullinan Underground tour.
Underground operations - Cullinan diamond mine

Experiencing and understanding South Africa’s mining activities.

An underground tour to remember for the right reason

Tour group underground - Cullinan diamond mine
Ekala's tour group underground - Cullinan mine