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Pilanesberg-Game Park safari

South Africa Private Safari

South Africa is a country known for its boundless natural beauty, diversity, cultures, and then the complexity of heritage. We indeed allow you to depart South Africa with an extensive understanding of our history, culture, wildlife and having experienced the natural beauty and wildlife diversity of South Africa.

Ekala’s South Africa safaris are private only – your group only – even if solo – thus safari as per your personal requirements and time available.


Male Brown Lion

The safari-goer is on safari to experience wildlife in its natural environment.

With Ekala this is indeed the focus.

Zebra in Pilanesberg National park

South African Private Safari

Pilanesberg Rhino
Ekala’s South Africa safaris are, in all cases, private, your group only, even if solo. This is structured around your time available.

South Africa, known for its natural beauty and wildlife diversity.

We cater to international tourists, being committed to delivering high-quality personalised service.

Come with Ekala and experience the natural beauty of South Africa and the unforgettable hospitality of the Ekala team – 5th generation South African.

Ekala is based in Johannesburg. Thus, our safaris start or end in Johannesburg.

Private packages available – Pilanesberg from Johannesburg or indeed best – 2 to 5 day Kruger and Pilanesberg

Best Photos:

Wildlife photography enthusiasts then wish to spend more time at a sighting to get the perfect pictures. Accordingly, as our safaris are private, you can take all the time needed to get that photo.

Ekala will position the vehicle in good proximity to the wildlife, but acknowledging the animal’s personal space and indeed conservation issues. It may mean the guide becomes unsighted, but the focus is on the client getting the best photos. This would not apply to the big 5 as the guide would always need to be sighted.

Ekala offers a broad spectrum of options and can deliver according to personal and individual needs. A Safari is designed to offer choice and flexibility to accordingly suit your personal preferences and available time.


For full package – indeed best for Ekala to have arrival and departure flights – or proposed details – we then create a fully guided private package from arrival to departure.

All the ingredients for an amazing and informative Wildlife Safari.

We are committed to delivering personalised service and a quality safari, ensuring Ekala’s guests leave with only the best of memories.

Ekala has developed an excellent reputation in looking after first time and solo visitors.

If you have never travelled to South Africa before, or a solo traveller, we can look after you from arrival to departure.

Eco Safari

Ekala conducts safaris to destinations where the flora, fauna and cultural and historical heritage are the primary attractions.

Ekala believes that the benefits of Eco driven tours are extensive and that such a safari will attract guests who have a common interest in nature, wildlife, and culture.

South African National Parks – Private Safari

Pilanesberg National Park

Unique ecosystem supporting a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Pilanesberg is consequently one of the best safari destinations in South Africa, with over 200 kilometres (124 miles) of good-quality roads and with over 7,000 animals.

Indeed, the highest density of wildlife in South Africa.

The fourth-largest park in Southern Africa. Geologically is intriguing and is, further, malaria-free.

Ekala’s safaris are private only – private your group only.

A one to five-night – structured to get the most of your time – not only structured around short mixed group drives.

Kruger Park National Park

An Ekala Kruger National Park safari is within the actual Kruger – private only. This is structured to cover vast areas of the Kruger National Park – thus moving daily from one part of the Kruger to another.

This way, a large part of the Kruger can be covered, and a level of biodiversity that would consequently not be encountered being based in only one part of the Kruger or in any of the private game parks.

Ekala is not limited in movement within the Kruger as most other operators that are based at one point, with repetitive game drives daily.

Ekala’s ability to move across the Kruger covering large areas of the national park and its diversity indeed avoids such repetitive game drives.

We are additionally based within the Kruger National Park for the full duration of the safari. Not travelling in and out of the Kruger as a day visitor – thus ruining the experience of being amongst our wildlife.

Ekala thus supplying a very different and far superior safari.

An Ekala’s safari is private only. Your available time is structured to get the most of the time within the Kruger park – this private only – your group only – even if you are travelling solo – not only structured around short mixed group drives.

Kruger, then the best is a minimum of 3 nights – although it can be done in 2 nights.

Panorama Route – Kruger National Park

Follows the world-renowned Mpumalanga Panorama route and includes breathtaking views with stops at Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Pilgrims rest, God’s Window and the world’s third-largest canyon – Blyde River Canyon.

Ekala highly recommends spending the first or last night of a Kruger National Park package actually within the canyon. This gives a full day to cover (Panorama route) which is one of the most scenic parts of South Africa.

Game walks within a national park:

A walking safari, certainly one of the best options to add to any safari and is available in the Pilanesberg and Kruger National Parks.

An early morning walk with a highly experienced walking guide.

As this is not suitable to all – Ekala will structure to include a walking safari as may be required or suitable to you.

Horseback and quad safaris can be arranged.

Just not suitable for the majority of tourists.

Kruger National Game Park
Solo South Africa travel:

South African Eco safari holiday, then catering for the single/solo traveller.

Indeed, for all diverse interests and ages.

Then, accompanied by Ekala’s professional guides.

As a solo traveller, the private safari can be customised to your needs.

Hence, providing quality time on your interests and requirements.

While striving to make long-lasting memories for you.

South African safari in our national parks:

Guests are enthralled by Ekala’s passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm to explore the beauty and wildlife of our national reserves/parks.

Best ability to contact Ekala:
[email protected]

Then will respond within 24 hours. Actually, in most cases less. However, depending on time differences.

Additionally, Cell phones do create some problems. Due to time difference or because we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. Thus, email works perfectly.

Furthermore, difficult to deal with specifics on a cell phone.

The planning stage of South Africa tour/trip:

So if you are in the planning stage of the South African trip, we can help.

Please supply the duration that you are looking at, group size, then your estimated dates and duration.

Then additionally what you wish to include in this time, and we can advise using our extensive South Africa experience.

Private “game parks”

Commercial game parks – Captive wildlife industry

Most tourists who visit a captive wildlife facility, are unaware of the negative impact of these Commercially run “parks”

Due to conservation issues that Ekala finds unacceptable – we do not support these types of commercially structured “Game Parks”.


An Ekala safari is non-invasive with no wildlife interactions

Focusing on South Africa national parks – naturally wild.

As Kruger and Pilanesberg National Game Parks

We do not support private – commercially based “parks”

Private, professional, reliable tailor-made safari

For multi-day package – Ekala Guest House

Johannesburg accommodation

Appreciation of South Africa’s wildlife diversity.

 Responsible and ethical South African tourism/consumerism.

Big 5 safari plus much more:

Private big 5 and more safari – National Park – Kruger/Pilanesberg. Leave with an increased knowledge of our unique environment. We provide an informative and professional service. Truly once in a lifetime encounter in South Africa.


Enjoying and respecting South Africa’s national assets – nature, wildlife diversity, environment, and the people.

A private safari to remember for the right reason.

Then a South African big 5 and more experience to remember for the right reason.

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Ekala’s private safari can be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Accordingly, we accommodate specific and personal requirements.

Hippo - wildlife tours
Best photographic opportunities:

Superior photographic opportunities paired additionally with highly experienced professional guides.

Thus providing a unique South African experience.

South Africa flag

South African tailor-made ecotourism experiences that cater for solo travellers, couples, families, and groups.

Ekala Family & Guides

Ekala Family & guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s natural diversity and wildlife.

Thus, we focus where our experience and expertise lies – in South Africa only.

Highly Experienced Private Guides

Accordingly, with our vast experience and expertise, we will bring the safari to life.

Additionally, sharing our love and knowledge of South Africa’s wildlife and the national game parks.

Ensuring, as a result, you leave South Africa full of the best memories.

Ekala’s vehicles:

Vehicles provide advantageous views of scenery and additionally are all air-conditioned.

Private ‘small group’ safaris enjoyed in all-weather 4×4 vehicles.

Furthermore, our vehicles provide a more intimate and exclusive experience.

Ekala’s vehicles easily manoeuvred for outstanding photography opportunities.

Moreover, individual interests can be met within small private groups.

Accordingly, our vehicles are comfortable, practical, and suitable for South Africa’s national parks and the variation in weather and seasons.

Cheetah head

A short selection of Ekala Eco Tour’s most popular package options

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