Alexandra tour – township tour

Vibrant Alexandra township tour and guided walking tours.

Alexandra Township – located north of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Apartheid “township” across from upmarket Sandton.

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – Ekala Eco Tours
A name used by the Apartheid government to describe a black area under the group area act.

As Alexandra Township.

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – Ekala Eco Tours

The best way to experience an Alexandra tour is with Ekala’s passion for Johannesburg as a whole, in addition to the township of Alexandra.

Culturally and historically – Let Ekala share Alexandra township with you on our private and fully guided Alexandra township tours.

Alexandra township tour as additional drive-through:

Where time is short – with the main focus on Johannesburg – we may additionally be able to include a drive-through Alexandra township (Johannesburg’s second township).

Thus giving a greater perspective of the full Johannesburg.

Items covered by Ekala on our Alexandra day tours and walking tours

Our tours are fully guided and private (not mixed groups). Accordingly, each Alexandra tour can be uniquely designed for an individual experience.

If you have only one day available or part thereof for an Alexandra township tour, we structure the tour around key sites.

While around your time available and the time allocated to Alexandra.

Additionally, we use our experience in Alexandra/Johannesburg to create suitable day tours.

Subsequently including the most significant items in Alexandra. Furthermore, making the best use of available time in the day.

Giving our clients the best possible understanding of the Alexandra Township, both culturally and historically.

Specific requirements:

However, if you have specific requirements or places you wish to visit, Ekala will create an Alexandra tour around this. These specific requirements should be supplied to Ekala at time of quoting.

Ekala offers half day township tours covering Alexandra or Soweto’s significant sites, to a comprehensive Cultural/Historical tour lasting 3 days.

Where time is short – with the main focus on a Johannesburg tour – we can include a drive through Alexandra.

Simply to give a perspective of the full Johannesburg. Including the larger township of Soweto.

Accordingly, the more time that can be applied, the better the history/culture of Alexandra that can be covered within the tour.


On cultural/historical Alexandra day tours, we would generally not go into Museums. Unless specifically required.

Ekala offer day/multi tours that would include Alexandra and Soweto, the townships of Johannesburg.

For the purpose of structuring an Alexandra tour around your requirements and time available – Ekala needs to be supplied with clear timing, collection and drop off address – hotel name.

Additionally, if one of the points is the airport – we need full flight details.

Once we have these it will be possible to quote/advise and structure a day or multi day Alexandra tour package around your requirements/timing.

Thus private, professional, and reliable tailor-made Alexandra Township tours

Tailor-made private Alexandra township tour experiences.

Thus, day tours structured around your requirements and timing.

Alexandra Township Tours can include:

Alexandra Roman Catholic Church. Tranquil old St Hubert Church. Between local shops and taverns.

Nobuhle hostel – apartheid era designed buildings for “non white” laborers.

Mixed Hostels – Multi leveled single apartments, built during the apartheid era. To house single male and female workers.

However, shortcomings of the system created social problems within the community and encouraged prostitution. Destroying family structure.

Nelson Mandela room. One-roomed house, located down a narrow alleyway, flanked by houses. Leads to a room used by Nelson Mandela as a young lawyer during the 1940’s.

Before moving into this house, Nelson Mandela stayed at the Alexandra Anglican Church, one street away.

Alexandra cemetery:

Final resting place for many apartheid era political activists. The cemetery offers a view over Alexandra, the Jukskei River and east bank developments.

Alexandra Stadium (Meshack Kunene Stadium). Multipurpose stadium in Alexandra. Currently used mainly for soccer and is the home stadium for Alexandra United soccer club. Upgraded as part of the Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP).

Tsutsumani Village. Housing development opened in 1999 for use as an Athletic village during All-Africa Games.

Kings Cinema. Art–Deco movie house, capturing the style of the 1950’s, forming the entertainment center of Alexandra.

Alexandra Cultural Center – museum, hall of fame and indoor theater.

River Park – New developments as part of ongoing Alexandra Renewal Project.

Alexandra Arts factory – Arts training and performance venue.

East Bank – Alexandra first elite housing project.

Zion Christian Church – ZCC – Church with biggest membership in Southern Hemisphere – approximately 5 million members.

Further important heritage sites include the Twelve Apostles Church of Africa, Alexandra Beer Hall, Freedom Square and headquarters of the notorious Msomi Gang.

Items included within the Alexandra township tour does depend if on a walking tour or a drive-through and the overall time allocated.

Alexandra tour coverage depends on the time allocated and other inclusions on the day.

Also, if driving or being supplied as a walking tour.

Alexandra Township walking tours

Alexandra walking tour through the streets of Alexandra. Visit historical sites. Meet the people of Alexandra (without being invasive).

Exciting, Eco-friendly township tour around the streets of Alexandra.

Walk to some of the most interesting historical sites around Alexandra. Thus an up close and personal experience of the Alexandra community and get to know what makes this township unique.

However, as these walking tours are private day tours, these items above can be tailor made to your personal requirements.


Alexandra Township walking tours are not always available. Depends on the size of your group, time available and various other items.


Accordingly, these must be specifically requested and confirmed in your booking.

Where time is short: With the main focus on a Johannesburg tour – we can include a drive through Alexandra.


Simply to give a perspective of the full Johannesburg. Including the larger township of Soweto and denser Alexandra.


What Ekala has found to be most successful in Alexandra, is to use an Alexandra taxi to move you around from area to area within Alexandra.


Then to cover that part of Alexandra on foot. This then is supplied with an Alex Taxi plus a local Alex resident. Then also Ekala’s guide.


Thus, if you have walking problems – easy – we increase the time in taxi and reduce the walking time.

Walking through Alexandra township – understanding of South Africa’s cultural diversity

We can include a drive through Alexandra in most Johannesburg tours.

But does depend on collection and drop off point and actual time available in the day. Additional and dependent to other items to be included within tour.

Best ability to contact Ekala for a guided Alexandra tour:
[email protected]

Will actually respond within 24 hours. In most cases less. However, does depend on time differences.

A cell phone does create some problems. Due to time difference or that, we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. Thus, email works perfectly.

Additionally, difficult to deal with private tour specifics on a cell phone.

Alexandra township signs

Ekala’s guides are well-spoken and additionally providing interesting detail and clarity while on the Alexandra township tour.

With the active engagement between guide and guest is encouraged.

Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – Ekala Eco Tours

​Heritage sites and historical buildings hold the memories and unique stories of days gone by.

Experience the township vibe in Alexandra

Alexandra was proclaimed a township in 1912 and soon became known as the “dark city”. Due to the complete absence of electricity.

The Alexandra health committee was set up in 1916 with the aim of improving conditions in Alexandra.

However this and all subsequent attempts to improve living conditions in the area have in general failed.

Originally a half square kilometer in size. Today Alexandra is 7.6 square kilometers. Including the areas of the East Bank, West Bank and Tsutsumani. With an estimated population of over 600 000 residents.

Alexandra – vibrant township. In stark contrast to its upmarket neighbor of Sandton.

Johannesburg’s financial centre, only 10 minutes away.

Thus, with Ekala – Far more than simply a set time Alexandra tour.

Alexandra township

Visiting actual Alexandra historical sites steeped in significant heritage.

Alexandra History:

The farm originally owned by Mr Papenfus. Named after his wife – Alexandra. The area was originally proclaimed as a white area in 1905.

However, in 1912 stands of approximately 1000m2 were made available to Black and “Coloured” South Africans.

Alexandra was therefore one of only a few urban sites in South Africa that black South Africans could acquire property rights. 1916 saw the development of the Alexandra Health Committee. However, was completely ineffective due to a lack of funds.

Dark City

Alexandra became known as the “Dark City” with no electricity or street lighting. The government’s lack of interest to develop the township saw conditions deteriorate within Alexandra, and disease a constant threat.

Furthermore, aggravated by the fact that Alexandra fell outside the Johannesburg City boundaries at that time.

Forced removals

During the Second World War, the government considered demolishing Alexandra. However, this did not come about. In 1958 Alexandra was placed under the then Apartheid West Rand Administration Board (WRAB).

Choosing rather to develop a dormitory-style hostel suburb. Accordingly, resulting in mass forced removals away from Alexandra to facilitate this development.

Most of these forced removals saw residents of Alexandra moved to Soweto, mainly Diepkloof and Diep Meadow. This subsequently reduced the population of Alexandra from 75 000 residents to 40 000 by 1973.

Furthermore, a 3-month Bus Boycott of the Mid-1950s showed the spirit of the Alexandra people. Township people choosing rather to walk than pay increased bus fares.

During the late 1950s and early ’60s, the people of Alexandra were intimidated by the Msomi Gang, a mafia-style gang that ruled Alexandra.

Alexandra with hostel behind
Besides all of this, the people of Alexandra Township have managed to endure and flourish.
Private, professional, and reliable tailor-made Alexandra tours.
Alexandra Township, Johannesburg – Ekala Eco Tours

Tailor-made Alexandra township tours that cater for solo travelers, couples, families, and couple tours.

Ideal tour options to be included in the Alexandra Township tour to create a full day tour:

Local cultural and historical tours:

Soweto Township:

Covering major sites and Soweto’s turbulent past.


Social development – Johannesburg


Pretoria City – cultural and historical

However, as an addition to an Alexandra tour – would only be a drive-through – unless an extra day was to be allocated.

Apartheid Freedom Struggle:

Freedom tour-walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela (shortened)

For multi-day options including the Alexandra township tour



Cradle of Humankind Tour from Johannesburg


Get out of the city for a true safari

Pilanesberg Safari:

Pilanesberg Safari – wildlife, nature adventure

Or Wildlife Sanctuaries and South Africa Birding


Cheetah Sanctuary close to Pretoria/Johannesburg


Elephant interaction tour from Johannesburg


Monkey Sanctuary, South Africa

Bird tours

Birding Eco tours, South Africa




The planning stage of South Africa safari/tour/trip

So if you are in the planning stage of a South African trip, we can help.

Please supply the duration that you are looking at, group size, then your estimated dates and duration.

Then additionally what you wish to include in this time, and we can advise using our extensive South Africa experience.

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South African Flag
Alexandra Informal with hostel

Cultural day tours as Soweto and Alexandra:

Our cultural tours are non-invasive.

As a result, we do NOT go into private houses.

Above all, not to invade the Alexandra township resident’s privacy in any way.

Alexandra Police station

Alexandra tour prices:

No tour prices on our website because of unique, individual and specialised requirements for each Alexandra tour we supply.

Thus, Ekala structures Alexandra day tours around our client’s individual requirements.

Consequently, if time is limited:

And so we structure the Alexandra tour from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Accordingly, using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

Consequently, not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

As a result, Alexandra tour quote based on your specific requirements.

Understanding and respecting South Africa’s cultural diversity.

Consequently, an Alexandra historical/cultural day tour to remember for the right reason

Follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela

Robben Island – then you can visit the Nelson Mandela prison cell.

However, while in Johannesburg/Pretoria, you can cover Nelson Mandela’s significant years.

Truly following Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom.

Nelson Mandela came to Johannesburg as a young man.

Additionally, became an activist in Johannesburg

Thus, the focus of his defiance campaign – Johannesburg.

Then became a lawyer in Johannesburg.

Consequently, ran his law firm (and that of Oliver Tambo) in Johannesburg.

Then all time spent in prison up to the point of sentencing in the Rivonia trial – in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Then after Release

Returned to Johannesburg.

Then inaugurated as President in Pretoria.

Consequently, while President – office in Pretoria.

While President – accordingly main residence in Pretoria.

Furthermore, after retiring (as president) still had an office in Johannesburg.

Actually still today – his office – now the Nelson Mandela Centre of memory, in Johannesburg.

Accordingly, spent the last 23 years of his life in Johannesburg (apart from a short time in Qunu).

Then in hospital, while ill, Pretoria.

Even more, passing away in Johannesburg.

Consequently, if you wish to WALK in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, and truly experience his life, it needs to be in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Apartheid/Mandela tour – Accordingly, a truly remarkable insight into the life of Nelson Mandela and the struggle against Apartheid.

South Africa is indeed a country known for great hospitality, colourful people and fantastic food.

Let Ekala Eco Tours provide the gateway to your discovery of South Africa.

And so come with us and experience the rhythm of the vibrant Alexandra township.

For multi-day safari tour package – Ekala Guest House

Guest House Johannesburg

Ekala’s Alexandra township tours can thus be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Consequently, take into account the special needs of visitors and personal needs.

A short selection of Ekala Eco Tours most popular package safari and tour options

Safari tour packages

Private collection and drop off – then supplied as a fully guided professional Alexandra tour.

Covering en-route as may be additionally possible from collection to drop off. As a result, not simply a point to point transfer with a driver.