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Tailor-made cultural tour experiences that indeed cover traditions and customs. Catering for solo travellers, couples, families, and group cultural tours.

Experience South African cultural diversity with inspirational tours.

While sharing intimacies of South African traditions and customs with varied experiences and its colourful people.
Get closer to the local culture and traditions, indeed immersing yourself in South Africa’s cultural diversity, customs, and heritage.

Local Cultural Tours

Soweto Cultural Tour:

Soweto – an internationally recognisable name. Visit a South African township – South Western Township.

Indeed, home to over 2.5 million people – South Africa’s fascinating and diverse culture. Ekala does, however, not invade the people of Soweto’s privacy.

Soweto came about as a township long before Apartheid. The area is effectively only 18 years younger than Johannesburg itself.

Johannesburg Cultural Tour:

Most culturally diverse city in South Africa. All South Africa’s cultural groups are accordingly in Johannesburg. Including European, African, and Asian.

An exciting blend of ethnic and western cultures and customs.

Indeed, an opportunity to experience Johannesburg’s sights and sounds, as well as the city’s culture.

With over 8 million citizens, Johannesburg is a lively metropolis, offering a wide spectrum of cultures and traditions.

Alexandra Cultural Tour:

The Township tour. Indeed, a highly concentrated informal settlement with a unique spirit and character. If you wish to experience a “township” – then this is the township.

Part walking, then with a part in an Alexandra Taxi. Thus covering a large part of this township.

Walking through Alexandra township – understanding of South Africa’s cultural diversity

Pretoria Cultural Tour:

One hundred fifty years of cultural changes in Pretoria. One of South Africa’s capitals. The best ability to understand Boer culture and customs is in Pretoria.

Lesedi Cultural Village tour.

Living African culture. A multicultural village featuring tribal villages as well as ancestral traditions. Then culture historically and today.

Lesedi Cultural Village, Rainbow Nation of South Africa. Colourful Origins/Culture Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho, and Ndebele villagers.

Appreciation of South Africa’s diverse cultures. Cradle of living African culture – and so a microcosm of tribal culture and diversity at Lesedi.


Township – Name used by the then Apartheid government to describe a “non-white” area under the apartheid law group areas act.

Ekala Eco Tours indeed offer a comprehensive culture and customs tour, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Alexandra Township and Lesedi Cultural Village tour. This is then a 3-day tour.

However, can structure parts of the cultural tour to fit in your available time as required.

South Africa cultural heritage tour – private cultural day tours.

Our cultural tours supplied private (not a mixed type group tour) – then even for the solo traveller – as such can be uniquely designed for an individual experience.

If you have only one day available for a tour, we will then structure around the time available.

Best ability to contact Ekala:
[email protected]

Then will respond within 24 hours. Actually, in most cases less. However, depending on time differences.

Additionally, Cell phones do create some problems. Due to time difference or because we may all be on tour and thus unable to answer your call at that time. Thus, email works perfectly.

Furthermore, difficult to deal with specifics on a cell phone.

Cultural tour

Private – professional – fully guided cultural tours – 7 days a week.

Solo Cultural travel:

South African safari and eco holiday, then catering for the single/solo traveller.

Indeed, for all diverse interests and ages.

Then accompanied by Ekala’s professional guides.

As a solo traveller, the private safari or tour is customised to your needs.

Hence, providing quality time on your interests and requirements.

While striving to make long-lasting memories for you.

Private, professional and reliable tailor-made cultural tours.

With Ekala – indeed more than simply a set time heritage tour

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Pretoria cultural tour

Accordingly, the best way to experience South Africa’s cultural diversity is with Ekala’s passion.

Culturally, let Ekala share the best experiences with you.

Alex Johannesburg


No cultural tour prices on our website as a result of the unique, individual and specialised requirements for each tour we supply.

Thus, Ekala structure around our client’s individual requirements.

So if time is limited:

We thus structure the package from arrival to departure – including airport collection and drop off.

Accordingly, using all time available as a fully guided professional tour.

Consequently, not simply a point to point mixed group drive around.

As a result, quote based on your specific requirements.

Enjoying and understanding South Africa’s culture and people.

A tour to remember for the right reason

Our cultural tours are non-invasive.

And so Soweto and Alexandra townships

We do NOT go into private houses.

Accordingly, not invading the township resident’s privacy in any way.

Lesedi Cultural Village Impi

Indeed, appreciation of South Africa’s cultural traditions, heritage, and diversity.

Soweto children performers
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Ekala’s culture tours can be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Accordingly, we accommodate specific and personal requirements.

South African flag

Ekala Family & Guides

Sophiatown - early culturally mixed area of Johannesburg

Ekala Family & tour guides

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of South Africa’s cultural diversity.

Thus, we focus where our experience and expertise lies – in South Africa only.

Highly Experienced Guides

Accordingly, with our vast experience and expertise, we will bring the tour to life.

Additionally, sharing our love and knowledge of South Africa.

Ensuring, as a result, you leave full of the best memories.


Thus, Ekala will endeavour to personalise your cultural tour package according to individual requirements/interests as well as available time.

Personal touch

Furthermore, Ekala personally conducts and organises all our cultural tours.

As highly experienced and professional guides.

Consequently, you get an enhanced understanding of our diverse cultures.

Thus, the best South African Experience

Lesedi Village

For multi-day safari tour package – Ekala Guest House

Accommodation Southern Johannesburg

Alexandra Informal with hostel

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